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The Basis of Make-Up I

The Basis of Make-Up IThe Basis of Make-Up I
Photography and beyond - Part 1

Drawings and writings by Heinz Emigholz.

Basis film and master tape for the feature films ›Normalsatz‹, ›Die Basis des Make-Up‹ and ›Die Wiese der Sachen‹.

Featured are forty-two of Heinz Emigholz's illustratred notebooks from 1974 to 1983, a notebook of Heinrich Emigholz dated 1941, a sketchbook from the 70s, twenty-four photographs from 100 Hudson Street, 240 President Street, 325 West 11th Street, Kleine Reichenstrasse 2, 36 Sherman Street, 236 Elizabeth Street, 29 John Street and Zippelhaus 6. In addition, there are eighty drawings from thze series ›Die Basis des Make-Up‹ as positives and negatives.

Schindler's Houses

Toole House (1946) in Palm Desert

Schindler's Houses

"Schindler’s Houses" shows forty buildings by the Austro-American architect Rudolph Schindler from the years 1931 to 1952. Schindler’s pioneering work in Southern California is the cornerstone of a branch of modern architecture. All the material for the film was shot in May 2006. The film is thus also an up-to-date portrait of urban life in Los Angeles that has never been documented in this form before.

Architecture projects space into this world. Cinemaphotography translates that space into pictures projected in time. Cinema then is used in a completely new way: as a space to meditate on buildungs.“ Heinz Emigholz

Schindlers Häuser

Loos ornamental

Haus am Michaelerplatz, WienLOOS ORNAMENTAL

The film shows 27 still-existing buildings and interiors by Austrian architect Adolf Loos (1870–1933) in order of their construction. Adolf Loos was one of the pioneers of European Modernist architecture. His vehement turn against ornamentation on buildings triggered a controversy in architectural theory. The development of his “spatial plan” launched a new way of thinking about spaces to be built.


His houses, furniture for shops and apartments, facades, and monuments were built between 1899 and 1931. They were filmed in 2006 in Vienna, Lower Austria, Prague, Brno, Pilsen, Nachod, and Paris in their present surroundings.

Sense of Architecture

Photography and beyond – Part 11
Photographie und jenseits – Teil 11

Film by Heinz Emigholz


Austria/Germany 2009, HDV, 168 min


Premiere: BERLINALE, February 6, 2009  


The film SENSE OF ARCHITECTURE shows 42 contemporary architectural projects of Austrian origins. Shooting took place between June 2005 and November 2006. As an independent work, the film emerged from the material for 57 short films that Heinz Emigholz produced for the traveling exhibition conceived in Graz, Sense of Architecture.

Sense of Architecture

Copyright for all Stills by Heinz Emigholz / Artimage

The Formative Years Plakat

The Formative Years

Extended Version

Ten films (1972–2004) by Heinz Emigholz

SCHENEC-TADY I  (1972/73, 16mm, silent)
SCHENEC-TADY II  (1973, 16mm, silent)
ARROWPLANE  (1973/74, 16mm, silent)
TIDE  (1974, 16mm, silent)
SCHENEC-TADY III  (1973/75, 16mm, silent)
HOTEL  (1975/76, 16mm, silent and sound)
(1976/77, 16mm, sound)
THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP I-III  (1974-2004, 35mm, sound)

All 16mm-films of THE FORMATIVE YEARS are in the Collection of the Austrian Filmmuseum in Vienna.

Press Downloads
The Formative Years in NYC


1972/73. Schenec-Tady I (16 mm, 27 min, silent)
1973. Schenec-Tady II (16 mm, 18 min, silent)
1973/74. Arrowplane (16 mm, 24 min, silent)
1974. Tide (16 mm, 33 min, silent)
1972/75. Schenec-Tady III (16 mm, 20 min, silent)
1975/76. Hotel (16 mm, 27 min)
1976/77. Demon – The Translation of Stéphane Mallarmé's „Le Démon de l’Analogie“ (16 mm, 30 min)
1978/81. Normalsatz – Ordinary Sentence (Feature film, 16 mm, 105 min)

Two projects by Friedrich Kiesler

„The Shrine of the Book“ (1959-1965) in Jerusalem von Frederick Kiesler und Armand Bartos in ZWEI PROJEKTE VON FREDERICK KIESLER von Heinz Emigholz (2009)

Photography and beyond – Part 14


Film by Heinz Emigholz
Austria/Germany 2006/09
HDV, screen ratio 4:3, 16 minutes


The Film explores two projects by Austrian artist und visionary Frederick Kiesler (1890–1965): the model for ENDLESS HOUSE (1959) that is currently exhibited at the Kiesler Foundation in Vienna and THE SHRINE OF THE BOOK designed and built by Frederick Kiesler and Armand Bartos in Jerusalem (1959-65). The film was shot in June 2006. The film is the third part of a trilogy of films dealing with the buildings of Adolf Loos, Rudolph M. Schindler und Frederick Kiesler.


Copyright for all stills by Heinz Emigholz / Amour Fou

Die Basis des Make-Up

John Erdman und Claus-Wilhelm KlinkerDie Basis des Make-Up

Belgien, am 9. Oktober 1979. Ein Koch (Bernd Broaderup) bohrt ein Loch in die Tür zur camera obscura seines Chefs (John Erdman), einem persisch-amerikanischen Teppichhändler. Dieser haust mit zwei befreundeten Frauen (Carola Regnier, Silke Grossmann) und einem selbstverliebten Trinker (Kiev Stingl) neben den hellen Räumen seiner Bediensteten (Eckhard Rhode, Claus-Wilhelm Klinker) in einer düsteren Teppichhöhle. Auf dem schmalen Grat zwischen beruflichem und privatem Dasein, Abhängigkeiten und Machtausübung, versucht jeder, seinen Deal mit der Liebe über Wasser zu halten.

Abb.:  John Erdman und Claus-Wilhelm Klinker


Hotel Hotel

Der Titel des Films ist eine Hommage an die Titel der Shows von Jack Smith, ›Lucky Landlordism of Rented Paradise‹ zum Beispiel, besonders aber an ›Horrror of the Rented World‹, sein Auftritt im Collective for Living Cinema 1975. Weise Einsicht dieser Zeit war der verbockt bis zärtlich an jeden Ort der Welt geheftete Spruch: "I am a tourist here myself."


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