Miscellanea I

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Photography and beyond - Part 5 

Studies on 35mm b/w film from 1988 to 1997.

Raw meat at Cabo de Creus and the ruins of "Sant Pere de Rodes" in the Spanish Pyrenees, filmed on October 7 and 11, 1988. Eckhard Rhode, Kyle deCamp and John Erdman at Georges Rodenbach's grave at the Père Lachaise cemetery in Paris on September 27, 1988. Eckhard Rhode translates the inscription on the tombstone: "Lord, give me hope to live on in the melancholic eternity of the book". This footage was made while shooting the feature film "Der Zynische Körper (The Holy Bunch)", in which the scene was not included. The power stations "Humboldt" and "Wilhelmsruh", built by Hans Heinrich Müller in 1926 in Berlin - their interaction with the set-designs in Fritz Lang's "Mabuse" films and "Metropolis" is still felt today - filmed on April 9 and 10, 1997. Jochen Nickel at Heinz Emigholz's exhibition "Die Basis des Make-Up 1974-1994" in the Hamburg Kunsthalle on July 1, 1994. Views of plane trees in Barcelona with Eckhard Rhode on October 4, 1988 - a congenial relationship between the coulour nuances of tree bark and stones and Kodak's Plus X b/w film. The tympanum of Auguste Rodin's "The Gates of Hell" at the Zurich Kunsthaus on October 30, 1988. Hans Etter had scaffolding put up in the front of the sculpture so we could film details not visible from street level. The bronze casting of "La Porte de L'Enfer" in Zurich was done in the 40s near Paris during the German occupation and was a present of the Nazi government to the Swiss arms manufacturer Bührle - as thanks for the good business relationship and the delivery of anti-aircraft guns.

 Abb: Detail aus ›La Porte de l'Enfer‹ von Auguste Rodin in Zürich

Miscellanea I

Photography and beyond - Part 5
Germany 1988-2001
35 mm, s/w, Dolby Stereo SR, Format 1 : 1,37, 20 minutes

Director, photography, editor: Heinz Emigholz
Cast: Kyle DeCamp, John Erdman, Jochen Nickel, Eckhard Rhode
Sound Design: Martin Langenbach
Sound Mix: Pierre Brand

Produced by Pym Films in cooperation with FilmFörderung Hamburg

Premiere: International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, May 6, 2001