The Basis of Make-Up I

The Basis of Make-Up IThe Basis of Make-Up I
Photography and beyond - Part 1

Drawings and writings by Heinz Emigholz.

Basis film and master tape for the feature films ›Normalsatz‹, ›Die Basis des Make-Up‹ and ›Die Wiese der Sachen‹.

Featured are forty-two of Heinz Emigholz's illustratred notebooks from 1974 to 1983, a notebook of Heinrich Emigholz dated 1941, a sketchbook from the 70s, twenty-four photographs from 100 Hudson Street, 240 President Street, 325 West 11th Street, Kleine Reichenstrasse 2, 36 Sherman Street, 236 Elizabeth Street, 29 John Street and Zippelhaus 6. In addition, there are eighty drawings from thze series ›Die Basis des Make-Up‹ as positives and negatives.

Germany 1974-1983
35 mm, color, silent, 1 : 1,37, 20 minutes
Director, photography, editor: Heinz Emigholz
Thanks to
Cinegrafik, Helmut Herbst
Produced by
Pym Films in cooperation with BMI

Gewerbemuseum Zurich, June 10, 1983
Berlin Film Festival 1984 (Forum)

The writings and visual representations are the property and legacy of a person who appears in the film "Normalsatz" as a melancholic street walker, in "Die Basis des Make-Up" as a rug dealer designer, and in "Die Wiese der sachen" as a con-man.

"The films Filme The Basis of Make-Up (I) und (II) are the centre about which my feature films revolve. I imagine them as an intermezzo between the long films, the data base as an interlude. The paradoxical nature of film is taken to an extreme: giving something that is taken away immediately." Heinz Emigholz