Drawing (454) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"The house of the crap artist on Preston Isle in the Canadian Province of Quebec. It is gloomy, the treetops are ruffled by an idiot wind. In addition the tools of a bricklayer; the stake in the steak is a drawing pencil. The meat is well-hung, all right angles are out of perspective, gravity is suspended. A plummet points from a granite cube, which will turn into the octahedron from Dürer’s Melencolia I, to my attic room. A boat with Billy Chapin and Sally Jane Bruce onboard drifts by. My hand is shaking, I’m afraid of the cold. Again Artaud in his clarity that comes forth to him from things: 'With opium, the real attains its true face, without loss or exaggeration, unburdened by the weight of dull covers, dull mental embodiments, which literature, poetry, spirit, philosophy, reason, rites, intellect, morals, science have placed on it over the centuries.'" (From: arsenal, april 09).


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