Drawing (366) from DIE BASIS DES MAKE-UP

"Mouches volantes in front of two windows of the library of the State University of New York at Binghamton, 1974. With almost closed pupils and in great radiance, the surface of the eyeball and small parts and their shadows swimming or floating in their vitreous body become perceptible. Sight refers to itself and the eye becomes self-reflective. This was first described by Hermann von Heimholtz. I sat in the Max Reinhardt Archives and was revolted by my research. I finally read Karl Krauss's Why the Fackel Does Not Appear in Die Fackel No. 890-905, whose 315 pages were published at the end of July 1934. It is the best essay I have ever read in German. Before that I read the four-page edition of Die Fackel No. 888 with the speech Kraus made at the grave of Adolf Loos on August 25th 1933 and his poem "One ask not, what over all that time I did" which those who did the journalistic legwork of the terror did not fail to ridicule. And thus I closed my "Reinhardt" chapter." (From: arsenal, july/august 2012).


First published in BOA VISTA 2, Hamburg 1975

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