Drawing (304) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"My first day of school in Lower-Saxony in 1954, with my step-grandpa before a hedge and a silver fir in our front garden at the newly laid-out stone garden. He told me about an Iron Curtain straight across Germany. I conceived its construction as a screwed steel-girder frame. I asked myself how it could be hung up in the sky. On the other end it was certainly anchored deep in the ground. “EV” = Eiserner Vorhang (Iron Curtain) = e.V. = eingeschriebener Verein (registered society) = ev. = evangelisch (Protestant). “2” is the grade my teacher usually noted down in the bottom right corner of my drawings. 1 = excellent, 2 = good, 3 = satisfactory, 4 = passing, 5 = failure, 6 = unsatisfactory. “4” was our street number At the Railway Embankment behind the hedge. “22” has always been my favorite number. The cloth for the slate blackboard is hanging from the knapsack on my back. The transparent bread-car is a symbol of the sweet, light-brown soup made of bread crusts that my grandmother often cooked for us at the time." (From: arsenal, december 10).


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