Drawing (267) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"Mood Circle, a cycle of unpredictable moods; Doom Clerc the one who deciphers unavoidable disasters; all according to the old drawing Mood Circle Mona Cries from 1971, the year in which everything spun out of control. A Stabil Construction Set–canoe damned to suffer shipwreck as a symbol of the university studies I never completed. The column that holds the sculpture of a man from the Russian barracks in Wünsdorf extends all the way up to the clouds. A great tidal wave that comes to a point at its crest rushes towards the column on dry land. Tepid Western decadence: while driving past the military complex, we threw porno mags at the recruits who had to sweep the path there. And that after friends in Prague complained that we’d only brought oranges with us rather than the copies of the Spiegel they’d asked for. Even today, the fruit seem to me a more sensible gift than such tabloid and the porno mags made immediate sense – a hidden reference to Klossowski’s La monnaie vivante that had just been published." (From: arsenal, may 18).




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