Drawing (563) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"A parkour rider sits astride a sale sign above Scull Rock in the Joshua Tree desert close to Los Angeles. All horns are raised, yet all hopes have failed. A callboy muses while drinking coffee: “She couldn’t bear his dying because she recognized herself in that infinitely reflected. The very nature of a mirror is that it unites all points of view without ever taking on one of its own. I should not like to suffer the same fate”. The Austrian’s cup is being scraped against by a beach digger in Sylt. The coffee grounds fall onto a saucer and prophesize that he will one day be chancellor. Rüdiger Neumann floats down the left edge of the image, as photographed by me at Henne Strand in Denmark in 1968 during the shoot for the film Hommage à Caspar David Friedrich. I still despise the programmatic postcard kitsch of that painter as much today as I did back then. In the face of feeble-mindedness on display at the center of his pictures, we loved the goings-ons at the margins." (From: arsenal, april 19).


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