Drawing (515) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"The fish monster from the Gardens of Bomarzo with a carpet pattern and its negative inversion within its open mouth. The matching carpet used to hang in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, where I would go and see it as often as possible. Six salmon spring from a roaring river on their way to the spawning ground upstream, osmoregulation to manage the shift from seawater to freshwater. A shed wall with a three-part window whose blinds are half-drawn forms the current door to hell, there’s no suppressing it. A troop of Islamic Black Widows practice their target in no man’s land. Killing people is like shooting birds, which applies to all involved. The voracity of nature, people turned to stone, visions in the belly of monsters. Within the eye of the beast, the reflection of a passing cloud can be made out, with the sun’s rays shining behind it. It’s still early in the morning and the atoms are only slowly assembling to decide to get up early once again in order to pass through the door." (From: arsenal, march 16).


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