Drawing (447) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"A giraffe’s head that has mutated into a sofa bed towers above a portrait of a woman that has been split into four pieces. Lost in thought, she observes an electrically operated hand, which is serving a glass in front of a razor blade. A rod with two further plastic hands at each end is located above it, as well as a broom turned upside down and mounted on top of a stick, which juts out into the image. The woman thinks: These are all semantic perspectives whose meaning I can’t recognize, although it’s right in front of me. I could perhaps understand everything better if I split myself into four pieces. But to start with, I should just go to sleep and no longer feel any regret. She falls asleep and enjoys an attack of guiltlessness. Upon awakening, she puts herself back together and decides to get someone else to do her work. A self-driving car politely stops to let her cross the street. She expresses her thanks with a nod, which is broadcast to a central office. Aren’t people friendly today, thinks an official. The woman calls April April into the hidden camera.." From: arsenal, april 17


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