Drawing (392) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"Pittsburgh, February 12, 1979. A letter to ZDF (Second Channel of German TV) with the script of the film Normalsatz (Ordinary Sentence). A ham, knotted inside a petroglyph by Edgar Poe. A woman looks at a bed roll being untied by pliers. For a long time, my problem with television was that politicizing scholars of German studies and daughters from well-to-do families had taken on the posts of television editors – in hereditary diplomatic service, so to speak. After the production of reality through some KPD/ML-AO (Maoist wanna-be parties) had failed, they now wanted to expand their claims to power to the imaginary world and enforce the production of prole films conforming with the party line. And now the proletarian was sitting in front of them with his mind on Mallarmé: 'Out of this world!” One editor pointed to the TV antennas of the satellite city opposite the headquarters of the TV station: “But Mr. Emigholz, it’s them we’re doing this for!' Something that 30 years later resulted in crap called Krupp – A German Family." (From: arsenal, january 10).


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