Drawing (384) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"A pair of eyes nailed to a wooden cross from the front and back. A meadow near Horneburg from the film Arrowplanewith a brick wall as heaven. In addition, a scene at Mönchsteich, the blood, the pulse, the diverted gaze, a note from the summer of 1976: "Today, for the first time, I felt my own pulse in my eyes, a slight rhythmic change of the gaze caused by an artery near the eyeball. We are lying on our backs with eyes half open, looking at the sky and seeing a part of its dark blue through the eyelashes. Above the eyelashes, the eyelids form slides, the colour layers of which consist of fresh blood. The sun is the projector lamp, our retinas projection screens. In between, the lenses, separating the outside and inside like two types of beyond. The gaze, when we open our eyes, runs in variable paths and knows no defined direction. Not to be confused with watching a film, in which the dancing grains do the work for the gaze."  (From: arsenal, july august 10).


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