Drawing (369) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"Permutations and emissions, from one center to another: quantum theoretical forms of life, measured neither before nor after. A chimera appearing in the upper corner of a university office at SUNY Binghamton (Babylon), before a dark-colored curtain, a bed of nails, and fluorescent tubes. 1975: the sketch of a journey from Albuquerque to Phoenix, Arizona, marked out within the contours of a Stetson Melone. An apparition in the desert dust by the side of the highway just outside of El Centro: my worn-out shoes without laces, negative small, positive large, between huge piles of rounded-off stone. When you go cold turkey, you question everything. I was sweating despite the cool air of the bus and was trying to sleep. Until now, everyone has cast the first stone, I dreamt. What’s the point of leading the life of a rock star without the necessary resources? I was broke, but I was young and could still turn a trick, in a system where the labor force is infinitely liberated. And things like this are then referred to as utopia, beyond any sort of serfdom." (From: arsenal, march 18).


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