Drawing (367) from DIE BASIS DES MAKE-UP

"August 2012 continued: So, in Summer 1974, I stared at the ceiling of SUNY Binghamton's library and tried to wipe the mouches volantes from my eyes and answer the question what could still be said about 'celebrities' after Karl Krauss had outed them in Die Fackel Nr. 890 as a never-ending source of no-news. Under the headline 'Max Reinhardt escapes train disaster' we learned that during Christmas 1933 near Lagny in France Reinhardt had ALMOST become the victim of a train disaster. In 1993, Frankie Goes to Hollywood's publicist gave a proper response: Holly Johnson, the band's singer, did NOT die in the attack on Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie because he had missed the plane. That was about as sensationally funny as when noble-minded film critics from West Berlin produced eccentrically cryptic preciosities to hone a film historiography that does not even exist." (From: arsenal, july/august 2013).


 First published in BOA VISTA 2, Hamburg 1975

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