Drawing (325) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"The desert, English. This drawing, committed to paper in Manhattan in September 1974, has proven itself as a design for life: an entropic landscape to whose barren signs adverbs of time and place are attached, as well as several conjunctions. A number of insights and experiences that appear and disappear in line with their everyday topicality cannot be avoided over time: 1. You always hurt the one you love too much. 2. Every narration is a state intervention. 3. The 'classic avant-garde' is idiotic to a staggeringly comic degree. 4. The life story of a cat will never be as popular as that of a mouse. 5. The Flying Dutchman and the Star Wars theme are the true match made in heaven. 6. The colors necessary for camouflage have been distributed fairly among the animals. 7. 'Everyone must plant a tree at some point in their life' has been superseded by 'Everyone must act in a porno at some point in their life'. 8. Love is a pain in the ass. 9. Roles should in future only be filled by roles themselves. 10. It is never too late, it’s just that it’s over at some point." (From: arsenal, january 15).


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