Drawing (324) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"The desert, German. In the first decade of the new century, artists began to describe what they do as 'work' and would talk about their various 'works' whether asked to do so or not. They would refer to their own works and those of others as 'compelling' and finish every other sentence with the word 'right?'. The best response to this was 'right!', with 'compelling' translating at best here as 'if in doubt, boring'. As a child of workers, I must however insist that the English terms 'work' and 'labor' not be translated into German as synonyms, as confusing these two realms would otherwise continue to be embarrassing. Yet it is interesting that such unconscious declarations of impotence were able to become a creed of the masses simply by virtue of constant proclamations of the opposite. The pious desire to take part in a market set-up based on the choice of word used to describe an activity’s illusory context is almost frightening given that the masses are excluded from this set-up by its very definition." (From: arsenal, januar 14).


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