Drawing (218) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"A vet’s hand delivering a lethal injection, prepared for my beloved, paralyzed old cat. A black halo surrounds her fevered head, a hissing SSSSH being the last sound she made. The backdrop an African landscape replete with baobab trees just as I imagined it as a child in northern Germany. The nail that pierced the tire of my car in the Big Bend Park in Texas in 1989 beneath the earth which now forms an addendum to the cat’s grave near to Lüneburg. From the roots of the tree hang more or less complete human skeletons, unearthed during the excavations for a gated community. All this shortly before leaving for Prague to shoot Stalingrad, the wages from which Joseph Vilsmaier used to save me from financial disaster in 1991 – in case you don't mind. The paths of freedom are strange and twisted but not unfathomable. They certainly didn’t reach their goal via New German Cinema." (From: arsenal, june 14).


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