Drawing (251) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"A spaceship shaped like a cut diamond transports water to a dried-up planet of rock. Someone hugs a tree and listens to the sound of the water rising up through the trunk. Gabriele d’Annunzio reads from his diaries wearing the uniform of a military chaplain: 'Where we are there is only one political way: to destroy. What is now is nothing, is mold, is death, is against life'. He is trying in vain to make contact with the aliens. The water contorts into a grimace when praised by d’Annunzio: 'So exquisite is water'. But it can do without false friends. D’Annunzio continues to talk nonsense, 'I was looking out the window earlier at my housekeeper’s chicken. If I were one of them, no one would stop me from laying my egg', raging further, 'Why am I only one man? Why am I not a whole army? My audacity currently knows no bounds'. The water prefers to hold its tongue" (From: arsenal, december 18).


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