Drawing (222) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"The launching of a cruise missile in a distant landscape beneath a huge brain that covers almost the entire sky. Black and white smoke from explosions in front of its gray cells. It's crazy to want to cut them out, plastinate them and exhibit them in public. Everything goes back to the dead hare that Joseph Beuys thought he needed to present as a hand puppet. The low point of a career that is repeatedly re-enacted by imitators. Or the daily slaughtered rabbits in whose warm cadavers Wilhelm II, later the murderer of my two grandfathers, bathed his deformed left arm. Two long-legged teenagers jump from back to back on a herd of Chinese water buffalos patiently standing on a flooded meadow. The air is as glassy and soiled as the water. At the bottom right, the detail of a parallel world that doesn't shine with weapons and editing techniques, for a change, but with the beauty of its invisible, mortal circuits. All this is not in the picture." (From: arsenal, november 11).


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