Drawing (68) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"A chest of drawers from the Gründerzeit rammed into the floor at an angle formed part of my 1988 exhibition Bismarck’s Shipwreck at the Zwinger Galerie in Berlin, which was about the Bismarckian social legislation and the fate of the crew of the battleship of the same name. The sawn-off part of the piece of furniture was hung on the wall over it, with the rustic metal fittings of the lectern from the Bundestag in Bonn on the ceiling. An image of Petra Nettelbeck in a wheelchair, drawn with a mouse using the still pixelated version of MacPaint from back then, who is turning around on the upper landing of the detested stars that lead to the gallery’s office space. The outlines of two caves drawn in black from the South Pole passage of the novel Arthur Gordon Pym by Edgar Poe. When the state demands your life and lets you go under, the game of democracy has reached an end. Sacrifices and solutions to puzzles about to happen than no one is interested in any longer. Too early, too late and off-point: the revolutions that take place without us." (From: arsenal, november 18). 


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