Drawing (557) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"A motorized serving hand transports a glass before a milled stainless steel razor blade. A giraffe with its neck in bandages looks up from a letter written in 1975, a historically documented stutter: “This was run ... and that was ... seen so ... Together they form ... and no room for ... by.” I can’t claim I was interested in processes and dialogues back then, but rather in states and statements. This disinterest, which Frieda Grafe may have termed “perversion”, continued for a long time out of sheer necessity. My films remained focused on points from which the space was grasped by different lines of sight. The movement is supposed to take place in the mind but is not to be represented. All the talk of a “moving camera” doesn’t give things any time. Their own individual time must however be insisted upon if you want to remain committed to reality or what you regard as such, to say nothing of stories and processes that have no beginning and no end and thus cannot be narrated." (From: arsenal, may 16).


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