Drawing (518) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"Berlin, July 12, 1998. On the right, an American hydrant in flames, on the left, the Brazilian midfield player Leonardo Nascimento de Araújo with a tear-stained face and his fingers at the tip of his nose after the lost World Cup final between Brazil and France. This was the occasion for my film Leonardo's Tears a.k.a. Grace Jones (1986-2010). In between and as the background, two falling soccer players with their legs caught up wearing socks and cleats from adidas along with a ruined, antique equestrian statue from the Santa Barbara Museum of Art as a negative. During the match, I held the nozzle of a vacuum cleaner to the TV screen in an attempt to suck energy out of the images of the French soccer players. I simultaneously bestowed my breath upon the Brazilian players through a blow tube - unfortunately in vain. The deliberate poisoning of Ronaldo by a French cook annihilated the effect of my homoeopathic doses from the onset." (From: arsenal, february 11).


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