Drawing (500) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"On a flag in a circle, a swimming trainer has outlined my program for 1985: Agony-Pain-Hurt-Comfort. Three blown-up house dust mites crawl over the wafer-shaped picture. Behind the grid is a section from my 1986 collage The Hands by Tom of Finland. The fact that surfaces are not superficial and that contents do not contain anything is the conclusion of any closer view. A gaze can penetrate anything because it is itself immaterial and cannot be stopped by that which is generally considered matter. Matter decomposes in a time span that is comprehensible. Therefore, the gaze becomes the only agency of a time span that is itself decomposing. It does not exist beyond its channels. Thus it passes into inexistence as does the pain of a training session. Just now the skin was taut and smooth, now it is slack. To remember its content is pointless. Meanwhile, the blood strikes out in a new direction." (From: arsenal, november 12).


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