Drawing (414) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"Following cosmetic surgery, a woman with her nose still in bandages dreams of a man stripped to the waist among the reeds on a lakeshore. Spots of light and shadow wander across his back, an exemplary feeling of peace without either insects or invectives. Yet lotus leaves on stalks jut into the image from all four sides and the man is scared of getting caught up in the tangle of their roots while swimming. He senses that the treetops of an impenetrable forest lurk under the surface of the water. Then he’s struck with fear at the idea of leaches and snapping turtles attaching themselves to his calves. He leaps out of the water naked and shouts Fuck nature! A uniformed forest warden observes this and shakes his head. The women awakens and is happy that no contact was yet made. She only wants to start showing her face again in social networks once her corrected nose has healed. Then all opportunities will be open to her, as well as the match made in heaven prophesized by the dream." (From: arsenal, june 17)


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