Drawing (404) from DIE BASIS DES MAKE-UP

"An Italian soccer player in an Adidas jersey in front of a set of kitchen tablets. Above, a sketch of ancient Egyptian methods of calculating the position of the moon. How absurd that athletes are not allowed to be doped. Will doping tests soon be introduced with musicians, actors and soldiers, too? That would lead to fair music, fair theater and fair wars. The Olympic Games of the Dopes are logically the only possible and desirable way out of the silly entanglements, in which those get involved who voluntarily sacrifice their bodies for us and seek to burn in front of our eyes, as freaks. Until these games are introduced, we are, as Lynne Tillman has already stated in regard to an admitted desire, 'cheated in the sense of betrayed.' The 'Public Broadcasting Services' are now already trembling in face of the entertainment value of such games and their ratings - and the anti-doping commissioners that would be forced to conceive a new context of control to make a living.." (From: arsenal, september 10).


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