Drawing (331) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"Burning oil wells during the first Gulf War. 'There is no conqueror other than God', the inscription above the cloud says, in which are drawn the ruins of the Casa di Marco Lucvezio photographed by Giorgio Sommer in Pompeii in 1882. In front hovers the sketch of a Foster Mobile - a helicopter in the form of a Greek temple with swastikas as rotor blades. Religions as military institutions are nothing new in world history, but remain breathtakingly constitutive. Every possible heaven is lastingly obstructed by them:  all have to go through their hells, their representatives are hellhounds. The cat on the railing carries the bi-sexual Hydra as prey between its jaws. The soldier guarding the wells has no eye for this. He is a loner. Here, no wanderer comes to Sparta anymore, here, the universal sacrificial lamb is called for. Don't ask, don't tell in every respect. What remains is the view from the outside-from a space capsule, oblivion as such, to which a paralleluniverse is dedicated." (From: Black Blocks, Cinema Scope #46, 2011).


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