Drawing (302) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"The diffuse silhouette of a US battleship firing a cruise missile at the start of the First Gulf War. A triumph for the Global Positioning System developed by the Pentagon, which ushered in the triumphal march of unmanned Fire-and-forget weapons. It had all begun in the Second World War with the Japanese rocket glider Oka (“Cherry Blossom”), for which the brain of a kamikaze pilot had to take the place of the computer. Appropriately enough, these manned gliding bombs were called Baka (“Idiot”) by the Allied forces. Only one single ship was actually sunk that way, the USS Abele in April 1945. Kamikaze pilots never got a second chance to make a first impression. As a protest against the rocket launch, three disgusted acrobats slide barefoot down the image’s internal frame on the left-hand side as if against a pane of glass. A Biedermeier chair serves as the clef for the resultant harmony of squeaking and thundering noises.." (From: arsenal, october 18).


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