Drawing (240) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"Remains of the defeated 6th German Army near Stalingrad on the way to captivity, a line of several kilometers stretching through the snow. Fourteen feet in woolen socks warming themselves at a fireplace. The collective knitting of socks for the front-line soldiers was meant to cover up the fact that they had long been free-riding on the furniture, clothes, and hair of those murdered in the concentration camps. As a counter-pole, a cast iron radiator from the post-war period. A schoolmistress in an Oskar Schlemmer look dominates the scenery, the caricature of a dominatrix. She kisses the tip of a wooden pointer or club and is not meant to "make one think" but to make one laugh. Over the fire of hell, a leather pressure sleeve with studs in the formation of the Big Dipper. Elfi Mikesch had it made for for my lower right arm in 1981 prior to the shooting of her film Macumba- at the time when Normalsatz was being completed, ten years before The Holy Bunch."(From: Schwarze Blöcke, SchwarzHandPresse 2010).


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