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Drawing (223) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"One of billions of nerve fibers based on an illustration by Fritz Kahn, the terrible simplificateur, and a puddle of blood, separated by the bow wave of a butterfly swimmer with a receding hairline - "I am coming!", coming of AGE. An isolated Boteh ornament falls on the hair of a black delinquent as a means of torture. His head has been fixed to a wooden shrew's fiddle and his tongue has been nailed to the corbel of a pillary. At the other end of the board is a Catherine wheel in which the words A-LA-LANGUE have been spelt out. Could also be interpreted as a speech balloon. The symmetry between perpetual torture and language gone out of control as a repressed reality, which raises its head in a telephone doodle - a favorite technique of the unconscious. The bottom part of the picture is occupied by the exact copy of such a doodle in 1996. The white man with his extensive embrace tactics and the black man with a terrible bulge on his head - a conventional and mundane balance. Very annoying." (Aus: arsenal, february 12).


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