Drawing (203) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"Following a series of nightmares, a morning like no other. A decapitated horseman of the apocalypse riding on a toothbrush, which juts out of the window of a house in the south, with a yucca plant next to it. I’m sliding down the left side of the image, as photographed by Rüdiger Neumann in Denmark in 1968. A propeller juts into the image from above, like a fan. Between its blades, positive and negative bolts of lightning travel upwards and downwards. The sentences I scribbled down in the night thereto were: 'We don’t know what penetrates our bodies. But we have an idea what remains stuck in them. Our biggest worry is the synchronization of feelings, which distributes an unbearable degree of negativity and positivity. Don’t tell anyone about the time you go to sleep. Unconsciousness is the inviolable location and state of your personality. It stems from a language that speaks itself. That is what penetrates us. Any attempt made to penetrate it in turn is doomed to failure.'“ (From: arsenal, december 19).


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