Drawing (183) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"A framed black tear, a wooden stamp, a fountain pen, two "fingerprints" and the title Der Füller (The Fountain Pen), which has been written with a brush and is superimposed with a female hand that strokes the edge of a wall-to-wall carpet under which she has swept everything. Moreover, there is a close-up of a cross-section of the carpeting. Between these facts are three paragraphs of a text can be seen - written in the US in 1974 but not completely deleted. Tabula rasa is something for teenagers, or "old" girls of both sexes. A dream cannot be continued. Its combined elements are so original, unique and impossible to repeat or recreate, or reassemble in a compatible manner. A dream is much more like a bottom surface and the opposite of repetition even if it thinks it can recognize itself in itself. It is a unique performance in an empty theater about an accursed protagonist watching himself as he sleeps." (From: arsenal, january 13).


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