Drawing (132) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"An idyllic breakfast scene, a transparent hatchet chopped into pieces and made of meat, dark muscle fibers visible on its blade. A dog pelts down a wooden staircase to where it’s usually fed, the kitchen of an American suburban home sometime during the 1950s. In the glistening light of an advertising set, a woman pours herself a cup of coffee in spirited fashion. In the centre, the Pym Films logo, the retina extracted from a rabbit’s eye, oddly threatening, as if revenge for Willy Kühne’s animal testing were about to be taken by a canine berserker. Or is its snarling just brought on by the sound of the feeding bowl and the smell of the dry food mix, like in one of Ivan Pavlov’s laboratories? The boy with his hair cut short, the woman in the pleated skirt, the staff’s conditioning is quite blatant, the light in which they appear globe-spanning, inexorable, reaching every pore. The 'human experiment' of which Vlado Kristl spoke launches into one final regression." (From: arsenal, april 15).


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