Drawing (602) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"Anyone wanting to cross a river in a straight line will be carried downstream if he doesn’t row against the current. In his novel Victory, Joseph Conrad wrote in a plain and succinct way: 'An island is but the top of a mountain', and this sentence alone is enough to make what he produced stand out against the pompous scene journalism and racism of his contemporary Gabriele d’Annunzio. A woman lying on the floor asks herself what has become of his 'lifestyle' and in 1978 lifts one square of a wall-to-wall carpet. The 'downfall of the white race', as Louis-Ferdinand Céline thought he had to declare only after the surrender of the 6th German Army in Stalingrad, took care of itself – along the lines Conrad had repeatedly described. Above all this hovers the skeleton of a concentration camp prisoner found in the planned Kraft-durch-Freude-spa Prora on the island of Rügen. That’s how the word became action, irrevocably bloody." (From: arsenal, september 09).


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