Drawing (601) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"The World: a trouser fly. Transparent: the closed fly of a pair of non-iron suit trousers. Love as work: a model of a ship held out in front of a couple conducting sexual intercourse in the missionary position who had neither the time nor the desire to remove their clothes beforehand. The areas of black were leftover pieces of paper on a Polaroid negative of the scenery. RO ID = the unvarnished ID, the arrangement and agreement to be allowed to resemble an animal. Harvey Weinstein should convert to Christianity, then all would be forgiven. His infringements were long since known to each and every person working in film, ante delictum too. The journalistic fuss now suddenly being woven around his despicable role contains all the ingredients for a new McCarthyism. A foretaste of this could already be experienced at the Think:Film-Congress in 2012, when Traité de bave et d’éternité (1951) by Isidore Isou suddenly fell out of favor with Andrea Dworkin aficionados." (From: arsenal, june 18).


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