Drawing (587) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"Lavertezzo, September 14, 1994. Horrible constellations, a primal forest of denial and betrayal that seems to be killing me piece by piece. It is not just bungee jumpers that throw themselves from the Diga Valle Verzasca dam in Tessin, where a Bond film was once shot. The wall of water unleashed by the burst concrete wall would drown all the towns on the far shore of Lake Lugano. LAC – lake; RIM – rhyme, fissure, crack; LACRIMA – tears. Artificial Tears like drops of amber. At the top right-hand corner, one of these black drops hangs from a finger before the horizontally distorted facade of Chicago’s Claridge Hotel, while in the bottom left-hand corner, it is being tugged at with fingertips. Ueli Etter’s Babosa Gigante, a type of slug upon whose back the active ingredient of the consciousness-reducing drug Agony is secreted, climbs up the side of the vertically distorted hotel. In the mountains, above the clouds, you can hear the miserable cries of cattle and hippies who despair at their agricultural efforts." (From: arsenal, september 15)


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