Drawing (582) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

A palm grove in the South Seas. Four make-up utensils fiddling around on the head of a veiled person. She is dressed in a helmet and crochet-work from the 2006/7 Winter collection of Vivienne Westwood - a perfect make-up.  Every fear has a name and an address, but this sheet already caused it while being drawn. I had no idea of the dot paintings of Australian aborigines who depicted the stars of the universe on barked tree trunks and the smoothened sides of the barks with dotted points of paint, when I copied the gray tone to the helmet, which a Xerox machine had produced in the 1970s as a copy of a copy of a copy of a black surface. I thought about the firm, Hugo Boss, which used the data of a systematic measurement of Wehrmacht recruits as the basis for the cuts of their suits. A grimace stares at you, but this grimace is concealed behind fashion. Thus, gazes remain stuck in flesh, like grains of shot in a memory foam mattress. (From: arsenal, october 10).


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