Drawing (575) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"A section of the 'Haberz' house in Hart near Graz with blooming jasmine. A dead eagle with spread wings, the path of the film projects prevented or delayed over the years: No Safe Haven, Second Nature, Arthur Gordon Pym - The Last Secrets of the Republic. L-L-L, theseare the three big Ls of showbiz: Lügen-Leugnen-Lächeln (Lying-Denying-Smiling). In face of the incompetence of the operating system called art in regard to organizing means of production, it comes as no surprise that artists try to detach themselves from an environment that passively grants patronage and seek contact with a sphere behaving in an active middle-class manner, in which goods are still produced. The endeavor of financing and producing a film, which could perhaps be called petty criminal, is basically more honorable than waiting for money from a private patron, who condescends to concede a favor. Meanwhile, the hydrogen bomb still corroding on the seabed of the Mediterranean off Spain's Gold Coast." (From: arsenal, june 10).


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