Drawing (565) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"Identity nonsense: when someone says they’re looking for their identity, you should hope for their sake that they don’t find it. In the sense of determination, identity only ever means slavery under our law of economy and that applies to heterosexuals, gays, and transsexuals in equal measure. I’ve never come across two identical sexualities, just soft transitions, as far as they’re permitted. The clone movement of the 70s was a dead end and the political 'identitarians' of today are nothing more than a dumb joke in world history. “Coming out” in whatever capacity may produce short-term moments of joy, but it’s all too easily forgotten that we still live in precarious societies that can turn the tables at any time and will yet do so. Identity is ascribed to people, anyone who ascribes it to themselves is an idiot. Every intelligent person already lives in their own personal closet out of necessity alone. Secrets don’t remain what they are, they merely endure in new forms." (From: arsenal, november 20).


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