Drawing (560) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"As a fourteen-year-old, much to the dismay of my mother, I wanted to emigrate to Australia. This is a silhouette of this continent under a kitchen table with seven locks in Achim, Lower-Saxony. The letter combinations ZU, U and UZ as neon signs refer to "Closed", "Underground" and "Our Time" ("Unsre Zeit"), the newspaper of the German Communist Party. What remains alluring in the form of the fable? Which storyteller remains credibly anchored in the body? The silver ribs of the World Trade Center reflected the sun so crisply through my window that a jacket hung over a chair cast a shadow on the linoleum. The deployment of one's lifetime without instant gratification, no strategic communication with a society projected solely for this purpose; a non-hysterical relationship to a lack of time to write down the story hidden in the body. The multifaceted potentiation of viewing directions, the formative spacial coordinates of a landscape, the temporary linguistic tools of which we are. And, finally, the chair toppled by reflected rays of sunlight." (From: The Travel Almanac Nr. 4, 2012).


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