Drawing (531) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"Syracuse, June 11, 1999. The end of the negotiations with Syracuse University on the duplication of their Oral History of TV archive. It is to be feared that in the coming years German television in all its programs will act so arrogantly absent-mindedly and at the same time so provincially-narcissistically self-reverentially that our project could fail. To apply the auteur theory to German television producers is indeed hardly conceivable. Instead zapping: A hooded man on a pilgrimage with a wooden cross on his shoulder and a hole in his ornamented, tailor-made shoe, the Clintons at an election campaign event on the end of a red carpet, a roll of fitted carpeting unrolling from the sky, the X-ray image of a truck with hidden Kosovars inside at the customs office of Calais. Never-ending police inspector duos at the top of our fully subsidized actors’ despotisms: the state brought to the point with its broken down people."(From: arsenal, october 2009)


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