Drawing (529) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"Some facts and constellations of things from the world before it became interconnected: a piece of the wreckage of the Boeing 747 Maid of the Seas near Lockerbie hanging from a crane in front of the bloated body of a dead pig, a knot in the gearstick of a car in front of half a skinned cow with the caressing hand of its butcher,  an industrial ruin with two chimneys and Kasimir Malevich's tomb destroyed by German troops marching on Moscow. Under the rubric Chats about Capitalism - Social Conservatives Discover the Tendential Fall of Profit Rate capitalism has been criticized recently for exercising its power through machines that buy and sell automatically. What stays forgotten is that we all have long been part of that critized machinery, and this fact, too, tells us more about language than about reality. 'To describe the way things really are is to be a shit and we know what happens to shits: they are flushed away.' (Gore Vidal)." (From: arsenal, september 13).


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