Drawing (525) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"Chicago, April 2nd, 1998. A self-portrait as an old man in the bathroom of The Claridge Hotel on the last stop on this year’s tour of the USA. My naked father looking back at me in the mirror. The slides for the show burnt up in the Art Institute’s projector the night before – like the first shot of the film Normalsatz at its premiere at the Delphi Filmpalast in Berlin on February 16, 1982. I collapsed from exhaustion beneath the Louis H. Sullivan arches that have been put up again on Monroe Drive – the last remains of his 1984 Chicago Stock Exchange Building that was torn down in 1972. In May 2002, we filmed these ruins from a dolly for Miscellanea III. Above and below, the positive and negative of the symbol of a ladder copied by hand in slightly distorted fashion from the wall of a storage shed in Hamburg harbor in 1975. In the middle, a piece of original border fence that is to be put up again in an East German nostalgia park, somewhere in 'complete' Germany. A changing of the guards is very much the order of the day." (From: arsenal, february 15).


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