Drawing (519) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"Ladora, a small town on Highway No. 6, is an icon of the Midwest. US presidents have enjoyed posing there in front of the old grain silos and under the water tanks on the railroad to demonstrate their bonds with this Bible Belt community that has predominantly German origins. Under an oak tree in the middle of the village is a memorial stone for two young men who lost their lives at the capture of Iwo Jima in 1945. Perhaps they can be seen on the picture W. Eugene Smith took of the blasting of a Japanese bunker on the burnt earth of Iwo Jima. Parts of the photograph are juxtaposed with the fragment of a Roman sculpture of a horse. The idea of Rome remains red-hot for all empires today. The great power of China with its gangs of building workers is industriously copying Roman road construction in Africa. At the front of the picture, priests are ordained at the Vatican where structures of sovereign states are poignantly spoofed. For the record: The ground under the 'dust' in which they throw themselves is compiled of marble intarsia." (From: arsenal, april 2012).


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