Drawing (517) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"Los Angeles, April 27th 2013. Driving up Alvarado Street in the evening light, to the left the Westlake architectural hodgepodge, to the right Brueghelian scenes in MacArthur Park. Huge queues in front of the Echoplex Club on Sunset Boulevard with the display board stating TONIGHT / THE ROLLING STONES / SOLD OUT. The joint only has room for few hundred people. Homesickness for street credibility or a new business model that turns the concert experience into a lottery win: tens of thousands stake 20 dollars, a few hundred land a ticket and the need to pay stadium rents is removed? Flashback: the Stones concert on the slanting stage of the Frankfurt Festhalle on Tuesday, October 6th 1970 at 8pm, in front of an audience of around 400. Standing on the stage, they seemed almost as alone as their initials here: CW, BW, BJ, KR, MJ. In front, floaters bundled together in a diabolo. Lathed wooden columns to the left, a dead tree trunk to the left, with a sofa bed and an OUT!! sign with a snake in between. On the bottom right-hand side, the sculpture of a crying woman complete with shadow, turned into a pillar of salt like Bill Wyman." (From: arsenal, march 14).


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