Drawing (510) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"The model of a nerve cell, rising from a coffin that two bearers lift from a vehicle. Details of the Arab ornament Acanthus in the nerve cell and in the window of the hearse. In the nucleus of the cell, the naked body of my father in WWII, photographed in Poland or Russia. Below, his labeling, which I crossed out, of a magazine file for The Garden as Fountain of Youth,to which he had subscribed. He who has the privilege of dying during peacetime has the time to destroy his own garden out of anger about his imminent death. Here, trees torn out of the ground and removed from the garden: oak, willow, beech, and birch. Josef von Sternberg and Frieda Grafe in 1969 at the airport Munich Riem during his last trip to Europe. He already has the plane ticket in his hand. Friendship means to be taken seriously in thoughts and action, and I experienced that with both, actively and passively, knowingly or unknowingly. We still talk with each other a lot, meaning that I hear their voices inside me." (From: Black Blocks, Cinema Scope #46, 2011).


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