Drawing (590) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"Gaschurn, September 9th, 1995, the world premiere of the film Schlafes Bruder is being held in the schoolyard. All the actors have been once again brought together for the biggest open-air live performance of all time in full Dolby stereo. It’s raining. A Gala reporter claims primly and adamantly that we know each other from studying German literature together – What do you mean, when and where was that? At the hotel, an actor colleague shows me a “chute”, a joint you smoke by putting the lit side in your mouth and keeping it closed. We fall about laughing when looking at my telephone doodle, a sketch of the creator to accompany Michael Jackson’s poem The Dance from the album sleeve of his Dangerous CD: “This world we live in is the dance of the creator ... I keep on dancing ... and dancing ... and dancing, until there is only ... The Dance.” It sounds like Art In Ruins, 1993. In the background, the Fahlun mines and their transport baskets can be seen, against a landscape that shows people sitting on a bench. I thought I’d soon have stored all landscapes in my head and would no longer need to move. Time did as it usually does." (From: arsenal, september 16).


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