Drawing (490) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"The continuation of the anonymous letter, Brooklyn 1975: “... The people of President Street are upset of your actions. The little children SEE what's going on in that room. Either you put something to cover your windows, or you get off the block and move. We are waiting 1 week. If you don't cover your windows, you'll hear from us again but next time not so friendly. Thank you for your cooperation.” A degree of uncertainty and distress was the result and we returned to Manhattan in a move already anticipated. On the right-hand side, between the lines of the letter, a woman kneeling on the ground places a warning sign in a white circle. On the left-hand side, a telephone doodle shows a headless female nude, a portrait of my forehead and a French policeman’s head. The deliberate attempt to produce ugliness was successful without any great effort and equally without the ideological contortions of the German painting of the 80s, which was ridiculously referred to as “wild”. I can indeed make out swastikas wherever I look." (From: arsenal, february 17)


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