Drawing (485) from DIE BASIS DES MAKE-UP

"Hamburg, 1978, the nightmare of arrested time: Two loaves of bread riding a dark thought - one round and one tin, both sucked in by a vaporizer of milk - provide the starting point for a film with the working title Ordinary Sentence of Simultaneity. In the corner of my room a crest from a Japanese wood carving. Three black steamers in formation glide undisturbed through the through of the wave - an irreversible movement: The arts complete themselves, life fulfils itself- unavoidable and unaccompanied. That the world would go under in style was a widespread belief of the social class I stem from, and that that does not need to be duplicated through representation is mine. Perhaps the despair of those days is retraced too elegantly here, but the fact that a new twist in filmmaking led it away from its torpor speaks against such a view. Nonetheless, the wavering space between cool perception and its impact remains." (From: arsenal, january 12).


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