Drawing (478) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"A cannoneer with just a stub of bone for a right arm presents the opening of a gun barrel, a 12 incher, on a postcard. It was sent from the battleship USS Delaware in July 1900 and has  'Where the marks are is where the gun opens' written on the back. (Edward T.) FUSCO (Incorporated) writing paper, found in 100 Hudson Street, 1974. A hand runs its fingernails along a whitewashed wall. A lamp that emits darkness to a limited extent is placed next to the window as a science fiction object. During the day, the window is shrouded by an overlong curtain whose fabric also covers the hole in the floor, where is where I lay down in Brooklyn. I remember so well the body that no longer exists. We are the survivors, those who consume, those who were exchanged. The cheating forgetful, the listless combiners. If the story were already over, more than few names would occur to me in relation to it. As it is, it hardly makes you curious for the end." (From: arsenal, april 16)



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