Drawing (453) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"Three birch trees by the Baltic Sea beach and there, in the distance, on the other side of the bay, the lighthouse at Kiel-Bülk in 1966. The bronze over-sized head of an Egyptian ibis sitting on a wooden construction has been washed up on the beach. In the foreground on the right, the white silhouette of flowers from Heister Park in Laguna Beach, California. They used to grow where the pelicans would glide along the escarpment to the Pacific next to me. A space ship in the shape of a cowbell powered by unknown means floats over the scenery. It is to be assumed that its extraterrestrial energy fields created this jumble of apparitions of earthly objects and places. Born near the North Sea, the dreary splashing of the Baltic shore remains foreign to me to this day, although forests that border the sea, like they do in Bornholm, do exert a magical pull on me. In the meantime Laguna Beach has burnt down. The fire ate its way down the Laguna Hills, driven on by the east wind, clearing the way right down to the sea. I see no way of returning there and have no desire to do so anyway." (From: arsenal, october 19).


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